HESCO Unit Price (2024)

HESCO Unit Price in 2024 has rapidly increased and the electricity prices in Pakistan are upward under NEPRA.

Due to changes in currency rates and Pakistan’s economic conditions, the fuel price adjustment taxes vary in each month’s HESCO bill.

Moreover, the change in the taxes on FPA significantly impacts electricity production costs.

HESCO Unit Price

HESCO Unit Rates of Electricity Bill

The rapid increase in electricity prices in Pakistan is a result of inflation and is directly linked to the rising cost of fuel, which affects electricity generation.  

Furthermore, another contributing factor is the IMF package, which has led to higher taxes and increased overall bill prices. If you are living in the Gujranwala region then you can check your gepco duplicate bill and print and download it.

Domestic Connection Unit Price HESCO (Protected Customers)

The table below provides unit rates for customers who have used less than 200 units each month over the past 6 months.

No.UnitsHESCO Unit Price (Per KWH)
01Up to 50 Units (lifeline)Rs. 7
0251-100 Units (Lifeline)Rs. 11.68
030- 100 Units Rs. 15.75
04101-200 UnitsRs. 18.07
Domestic Connection Unit Price HESCO

HESCO Unit Price For Unprotected Customers

If your consumption exceeds 200 units, the following unit rates will apply based on your usage.

No.UnitsHESCO Unit Price (Per KWH)
011-100Rs. 22
02101-200Rs. 32
03201-300Rs. 37
04301-400Rs. 43
05401-500Rs. 47
06501-600Rs. 49
07601-700Rs. 52
08Above 700Rs. 65
HESCO Unit Price For Unprotected Customers

HESCO Commercial Unit Prices

The following table of HESCO commercial unit processes will apply to you if you are a commercial user.

Load TypePrice Per Unit
Less Than 5KW ConnectionRs.38.82 Per Unit
Less Than 5KW ConnectionRs.40.26 Per Unit
HESCO Commercial Unit Prices

Final Thoughts

This post includes information on HESCO unit prices for both domestic and commercial users. You can view the consumed units and prices, and if you are a domestic user, our HESCO bill calculator can assist you in estimating your HESCO bill online.